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Since 1969 O.ERRE.PI. is an excellence in machine tools industry.

The history of O.ERRE.PI. is born with Mr. Maffei Mario, class 1942.

A specialized mechanic and passionate about his work, after 10 years spent in the RIV-SKF factory in Airasca, he decided to undertake independent professional experience while continuing to do the double job for further 5 years. In a short time he became an important reference point in the mechanic industry, repairing machine tools dedicated to the grinding and honing of all types of bearings.

The RIV-SKF became its principal client and soon its expertise was required by industries throughout northern Italy.

Mr. Maffei Mario (on the right) receives the prize "Italia che lavora - uomini e aziende" by the Honorable Guido Podestà (first on the left) and by the Knight Giovanni Agretti. In the background the TV presenter Mariolina Cannuli.

“We were in full swing of the third industrial revolution, the first man on the moon and a great desire to work. We had great inspirational men and we lived their dreams. First of all in Turin the dream ‘Agnelli-Fiat’ and we, young people, were ready to bet on a growing automotive and mechanical industry with the rise of the bearing on its center! I worked hard, I developed new machine tools and revised the old ones. Then cames the years of the oil crisis with ups and downs, but my production turned to a niche market and this allowed me to stay afloat. I was busy working and I did not realize that the whole world was changing. Today it is an adventure that is almost 50 years old and if I stop to reflect, looking at the workers of the new O.ERRE.PI. it does not seem possible that ‘so much water has passed under the bridges’. We have entered another industrial revolution, we have new technologies to build perfect machine tools, to shape pieces of raw steel and to satisfy customers' requests without using pencil and rubber. My son Fabrizio in 1987 and Stefano in 2000 took the reins of the company and from 3 years my niece has joined the team. I enjoy spending time in the production department between high-precision projects, steel and sheet metal. Behind all this, over time, an excellent staff of skilled and qualified workers has been created. Some of them have been with me for over 30 years. And so has grows over time the group of technicians and secretaries who work in a precise and indefatigable manner. They are very valuable collaborators. Last, but first ever, my wife who has endured me, supported and advised through these wonderful years. I still have a wish, I would like all the O.ERRE.PI. to continue to grow and expand in the name of professionalism, precision and collaboration driven towards success!”

- Interview given by Mr. Maffei Mario to the Marketing Manager Emanuela Beltramone on January 30, 2018



'O.ERRE.PI.' is born with the name 'ORP'


First change of location and enlargement of headquarters

Moved from 200 to 500 sqm


'ORP' becomes 'O.ERRE.PI.'


Second enlargement of the headquarters

Moved from 500 to 1200 sqm


Technological upgrade

Introduction of AutoCAD Mechanical software for technical drawings


Technological upgrade

Introduction of CNC technology (Computer Numerical Control)


Awarding of the prize "Italia che lavora – uomini e aziende" to the president Maffei Mario


Obtaining quality certification: UNI EN ISO 9001:2008


Third enlargement of the headquarters

Moved from 1200 to 2400 sqm


The first machine is entirely designed and produced on site


Technological upgrade

Introduction of 3D software for technical drawings


"Best Supplier of the year"

Award by SNR ROULEMENT - France


Fourth enlargement of the headquarters

Moved from 2400 to 5400 sqm


"Best Supplier of the year"

Award by NTN SNR


"Best Supplier of the year"

Award by NTN SNR


Turnover of O.ERRE.PI

Mainly from the production of new machines than refurbish of old machines


Expansion of the machine park for milling and grinding the bases of machine tools


Last machine introduced in our portfolio, now we are able to satisfy the full bearing operation, from face grinding to honing, in the range from 10 to 600 mm of diameter


First participation to the ‘GrindTec 2016’ exhibition in Augsburg - Germany


Record of turnover and number of employee of our history


Second participation to the ‘GrindTec 2018’ exhibition in Augsburg - Germany


Fifth enlargement of the headquarters

Moved from 5400 to 6400 sqm


Tecnological upgrade

Purchase of a new milling MECOF-5 axis, oriented towards ‘Industry 4.0’