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Know, understand and solve customer needs and expectations through the construction of direct and effective communication channels.
Operate competitively and transparently on the market, aiming at continuous technological innovations and constant improvement of company processes.
Promote a corporate culture based on the enhancement of people, their competences and experiences, with particular attention to the awareness of each one in relation to their role, working daily in quality.
Constantly improve our goals of excellence MADE IN ITALY.
Complete turnkey service.


Use of renowable energy for heating and responsible recycling of steel waste, exhausted oil and all products that can be differentiated.
Professional training courses in all company sectors.
Specific professional courses for updating and managing the new software of our machine tools.
Training of apprentices in the production department.
Implementation of the Law 81/2008 which provides worker’s protection measures and we are pleased to report that we have ZERO ACCIDENTS at work since April 2017.
Welcoming young people from all over Europe who wish to undertake internships in our company. This project is designed and made possible by 'ENGIM' a non-profit association. It’s accredited for the continuous training obligation and Superior School orientation.
The manager Maffei Fabrizio is currently the vice president of 'CFIQ', that is an institution accredited by the Piedmont Region for the provision of Services for the Work and it promotes several projects including 'IFTS' courses. These courses are designed to train specialist professionals. The teaching method is the alternation school-work, with the possibility, for young people of both sexes, to be hired by companies with an apprenticeship contract. This obligation is governed by the Law 107, issued by the 'MIUR', Ministry of Education, University and Research.
During the 2018/19 school year, we will carry out a project in alternation school-work with the 'I.I.S. ALBERTI – PORRO' of Pinerolo.
We support the AIRC (Italian association for cancer research).